RoguesNest - Builds: DongSong


Dawnsong Build

In my opinion, this is THE STRONGEST fire staff that you can bring into a corrupted dungeon, which is VERY unexpected considering its typical application. The fighting style is very different than most fire staff builds and is something that might require practice and knowing your matchup.

The most unique thing about this staff is the ability to hit your opponent from near or off screen entirely. Most fights will begin with them being 10 to 20% down in HP. Likewise when/if they decide to reset you can get a cheeky Phoenix on them on their way out creating a rough situation for them.

The items in this build are very specifically chosen and some need to be used in particular way for certain matchups, I will try to cover it all.

Searing Flame: Start on this ability. You will use it to poke your opponent and is your go to on most engagements (all ranged opponents). Try to leverage kiting back to land shots if possible. Long range is almost always your benefit so keep your opponent back and yeet fire into the distance.

Burning field: An EXTREMELY important tool in your kit. Use this for sword, axe, and dagger builds, always. (Anything that needs to stay on top of you) The way to effectively use this is not placing the fire on your opponent, place this on YOU. Then use the fire to kite your opponent while auto attacking. Your first passive will actually do sizable damage to them even if they don't stand in your fire. They are forced to be zoned or take massive damage.

Fire wall: Start on this. If you are vsing a sword/axe/dagger, use this in a choke to get distance and swap abilities. (Burning field, keep firewall, and blink boots if it's a Claymore.) Important note about Claymores here. Don't use firewall until they slam you with E, use your helmet to mitigate the hit, firewall them and then book it. As long as you swap to blink boots you win. (Same exact advise applies to shadow's edge daggers)

Artillery: Use this vs most ranged opponents. Interrupts are a big counter to artillery so be aware.(Multishot can counter this move HARD) You might consider Fire wave in some ranged situations, but you can always Artilery at full range or right after an interrupt is used.

Fire Wave: Solid move choice if you are unsure. It does decent damage and can interrupt the opponent. Always use after you land a Q.

Flaming Phoenix: The real interesting part of this build. Use this thing when initiating or chasing. Land it when they are barely on screen, and keep in mind the start of the Phoenix trail hits instantly so try to land it close to the opponent. Don't bother with it when they are in close range, you will usually get more value from Qs and autos and if you miss mid fight or hit into a defensive you lose your ranged pressure. Always prioritize landing this on cultist robe channels if they are using cultist robe.

Equipment abilities

Guardian Helmet

Great counter to mage cowl, Thetford cape, curse stacks, or fire burn. If they have none of these you can just use it to mitigate damage or swap to Stone Skin.

Cultist robe

Consider using this if nearing 30% health missing and you have space. The different you bring to your HP in the midfight will cause your opponent to run for a full reset giving them bat stacks and giving you opportunity to Phoenix them again.

Cleric Sandals

Start with basic mana sprint. Swap to blink for builds that can be countered by a blink. (Claymore E, Shadow's Edge, Mace, and Gloves to name a few)

Bridgewatch cape

Auto attacks are actually very important for this build and adding a bridgewatch to the mix can help a lot. Weave an auto in with Q3 spam or 2|3 autos with Q2s.


Burn. Auto attack your opponent between Qs, it does damage.

Avalonian Pork Omelette

Cooldowns, cast speed, and defense.

Healing Potion

Great for extended fights which you want to go for. You can also swap to Resist in case of very high burst builds. (Pike/Trinity are good examples)


  • Great against Sword Builds. (Claymores are FREE)
  • Unsolicited Phoenix Slaps from off screen
  • Unique and interesting play style
  • Off Meta and different


  • Trinity Spear (Any Spear Really)
  • Bows can be problematic if they are skilled

Written by: Nazori (Inspired by Feng)