RoguesNest - Builds: Dual Sword Rush

Dual Sword Rush

Dual Swords Build

This build is now a staple within Corrupted Dungeons. It is reliable and steady in it's success when played right. It is fairly cheap as far as builds go and it is also fairly newer player friendly.

Being a sword it also has a decent clear speed paired with the sword's movement capabilities.

Heroic Strike: Highest Q damage to a single target.

Iron Will: This is likely the ability you want to start on. You can use it to help scout your opponent if necessary. It can be used in the fight, but you may want to consider splitting slash depending on your opponent.

Splitting Slash: This can help initiate the fight or poke. It can also be used in a pinch to help you get away.

Spinning Blades: Your all in ability. After damage and a brief knockup this ability increases your physical attack damage by 50% for 3 seconds. Be sure to have some Heroic stacks so you can stay on top of your opponent during this duration.

Equipment abilities

Hunter Hood

Be sure to identify the burst damage in your opponent's build so you know when best to pop your Hunter Hood during the fight.

Mercenary Jacket

Be sure you can apply this properly during it's duration. Watch out for any Invulnerability shields, Invisibility, or purges since these will hard counter your Jacket.

Plate Boots

Use the health regen on plate boots for some sustain. You can use artifact boots for higher IP as this will affect the healing it can apply. If you want to spend extra you can run Boots of Valor to be able to ignore things like Firewall.

Thetford Cape

Thetford Cape for extra damage


You can run the 4th Passive (Increased Defense) for extra defense during the brawl.

Roasted Puremist Snapper

Extra Hp and Lifesteal. This is honestly a meta food on a large amount of CD builds. Beef Sandwich if trying to go really cheap.

Healing Potion

T6 Healing potion for more sustain. This also scales with your additional Puremist or Beef Sandwich HP.


  • Straight forward
  • Cheap
  • Strong all in
  • Good at chase
  • Good at escape


  • Cursed Staves
  • Hammers
  • Deathgivers
  • Frost
  • Spears

Written by: Nazori

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