RoguesNest - Builds: Outranged


Warbow Build

Enjoy the idea of moving fast and keeping your opponent at distance, all whilst skillfully landing damage on them from afar? Want the feeling of a long range sniper carefully landing high damage skillshots? This is the build for you. Cheap, easy to play, high skill ceiling!

This build, and the warbow in general really allow you to grow with the build, allowing you to hone your skills and increase your confidence in landing shots as you unlock the ability to wear higher tier versions of the set.

Multishot: Multishot is one of the best skills in the bow tree. It has decent damage, an interrupt, and a knockback. It can easily keep your opponent away. Combo it with frost shot W, and it is a nightmare for melee users.

Poison arrow: Highest dps choice for single target. Best PvE choice vs bosses and sometimes better than multishot vs ranged opponent.

Frost shot: Another one of the best abilities in the game. 10 sec cooldown for far mobility and slow for the enemy in front of you, not much to say. Combo it with your multishot Q and keep anyone away.

Magic arrow: Remarkable range and decent damage. It can damage your opponent from offscreen. The hit box is also slightly bigger than most people expected. Just snipe 'em with your magic arrow.

Equipment abilities

Mage cowl

Simple and good for poking with auto attacks. Great damage and has access to Force Field (bop) which is another ability to keep enemies away.

Assassin Jacket

What if your opponent gets on top of you when your abilities are on cooldown? Use the invisibility to buy some time and evade your opponent.

Leather shoes

Refreshing sprint is good for making your cooldown rate lower. Alternately, any plate boots with rejuvenating sprint is also good for healing.

Thetford cape

Free damage on Auto Attacks and suited well for warbow with the range. This comboed with mage cowl will deal decent damage to your enemy.


First passive (slowing poison) on your bow is good for slowing your opponent.

Pork Omelette

Cooldown reduction is the best choice for a warbow, making your rotation faster

Healing Potion

Great for longer sustained fights. Just keep in mind you don’t have the ability to handle big burst damage without a resist. You might want to have a resist potion in your pocket for weapons with large burst damage.


  • Range
  • poking ability
  • easy to play
  • Cheap
  • Relevant in a lot of content


  • Frost shield
  • guardian helm(cleanse mage cowl)
  • spear with harpoon

Written by: Feng0126