RoguesNest - Builds: Revenant


Black Monk Stave Build

This build is surprisingly quite effective against most builds and shockingly effective against a select few. With the ability to completely shut down auto attacks certain Sword, Spear, and bow builds are rendered completely useless by this staff.

By utilizing your offensive CC abilities and your Defensive Fatal Blade (E) Ability, you can mitigate greatly the enemies ability to deal damage to you. As an added bonus this build can be quite mobile and is great for catching rats whenever you encounter them, so be ready on your invades.

Concussive Blow: This is your bread and butter for damage. Spam this as much as possible. Not really much else to say about it.

Cartwheel: This ability can be used selectively to catch kiting builds. Warbow and Whispering are two good examples of times you may want to consider swapping to cartwheel. Use it on initial engage to get in closer and then pop sprints. Never use it to deal damage when on top of them already.

Forceful Swing: This ability is INCREDIBLY strong vs some builds. If you have this equipped vs a Trinity Spear or regular Bow, just start counting up your loot before the fight. The one thing you do need to be careful though with this is missing the ability. It has a long CD so if you miss it or hit into an invuln you may wind up not getting much value from it.

Stun Run: This is a viable option when vsing builds with good mobility. Start on this move to inspect your opponent or if you might be chasing down a rat. You may also want to consider this for matchups that don't rely on Auto Attacks. Use stun run straight into Fatal

Fatal Blade: This move is one of the most important skills in the kit. There are a few ways to use this. If you are using Forceful swing, MAKE SURE you are not using fatal blade until the forceful swing debuff is almost done. If using Stun Run, use fatal blade RIGHT BEFORE your stun run auto attack. Feel free to full trade during this debuff unless you have something like a cultist cowl on you.

Equipment abilities

Mage Cowl

This is fairly important to add damage to this build since you don't have much standard on your kit. A Soldier helm has also been a good option to prevent big bursts of damage which the build can sometimes not prevent. (Or to move through a firewall)

Mercenary Jacket

This is huge for getting a big chunk of health back. Quarter staves have very fast attack speed which helps get some good value out of this jacket. Infernal Shield can alternately be used against builds you might not be able to stick to.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes for the better cooldown rotation. The more you can keep the opponent down with your E the better. Plate boots are also an option for regen, but I had far better luck with leather.

Thetford Cape

More damage. Pretty simple. A demon cape is also an option, but is worse if you are in a forceful swing matchup.


Stunning Strike on your weapon for more CC lockdown. This interrupt can work out really well vs anything that needs to channel.

Pork Omelette

Honestly undecided which one of these is the best. Go the pork omelette for budget, one of the other 2 if you want to spice it up.

Healing Potion

The fight will likely drag on for a bit. Healing pot can help with some sustain.


  • Great against Trinity Spears and Auto Attack Builds (Trinity is actually a free win)
  • Unexpectedly strong
  • VERY GOOD at catching rats.
  • Off Meta and different


  • Badon Bows, Whispering Bows
  • Some Curse Builds
  • Light Crossbow (All in this weapon with Stun Run)
  • Fire wall
  • Sword IF you cannot swap to forceful swing. (Always start on stun run and cartwheel)

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