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Deathgiver MDPS

Deathgivers Build

If you want that feeling of being an assassin, but still want the ability to stand with your team and fight, this is a great build to start with. Many dagger builds for the open world are build to “all in” opponents to dump all their damage. 5v5 is a little more paces, and often these builds prove ineffective, as the player simply uses a defensive whilst the healer picks them up. So with this build we focus more on your ability to do huge amounts of damage with your team, whilst keeping mobile and executing enemy players that get low.

This is an execute style build, similar to what you may see with bloodletters in group pvp, but built to hold higher consistent damage, and more reliable execution potential on a very low cooldown. This build may be a little tricky to master, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make your first steps in. All you dagger assassin roleplayers, this one's for you.

Deadly Swipe: Your bread and butter of the build. This is where you get your persistent pressure from. A small dash on a low cooldown that deals AoE damage and stacks up your damage bonus. You will need three of these stacks to use your E to avoid incurring a cooldown. A great spell to allow you to stick to opponents, or escape tricky situations.

Throwing Stars: This skill throws out three stars, each unique opponent hit will provide you with a 15% move speed and 15% bonus damage buff, stacking up to three times for a whopping 45% speed and damage bonus. Using this spell before your Stalker Jacket, or Ghost strike can lead to incredible amounts of damage.

Ghost Strike: A targeted ranged dash skill, turning you invisible as you pass through a single enemy and deal damage to them before ending up on the other opposite of them. If you have three stacks of “assassins’ spirit” (granted by landing deadly swipe hits on enemies) then you will be able to trade them to use this spell with 0 cooldown. Allowing you to use it immediately afterwards, or stack up to do it again. This means the better you are and landing your stacks on multiple opponents, the quicker your get to use your E. That being said, if you see an opponent you can execute, don't be afraid to use Ghost Strike to finish them off. A 20s cooldown for a kill is a great exchange.

Equipment abilities

Stalker Hood

The stalker hood is a perfect fit for the Deathgivers, being on a 15s cooldown it should always be available to be used together with Ghost Strike. Most effective when used on enemy players below 50% health as it reduces their resistances by a massive amount. It also boosts your damage by 15% however, so don’t be afraid of using it to boost the damage of your Stalker Jacket or Ghost strike to land high opening damage. The other great thing about this helmet, is that it also reveals invisible opponents. Although you are unlikely to run into invis much in 5v5, you may run into players using hellion shoes. It is worth noting that due to the invis reveal, that means this helmet is capable of canceling hellion shoes during their channeled invis period.

Stalker Jacket

A pretty simple ability that causes an area of lightning around your character for 7.5 seconds. This is great to give you that extra team fight potential to join in with your team applying damage. For maximum effect make sure you use the throwing stars skill before you activate the jacket to boost the skill’s damage. Having 3 stacks of Assassin’s spirit will also help boost the damage, and obviously the Stalker Hood will too, especially if you manage to activate it on those under 50% health to pierce their resistances first. If you find you are taking too much damage, you could always change the the “Inferno Shield” ability for a better defensive ability.

Royal Shoes

The Deathgivers are already very mobile with this build, the Royal Shoes give you that extra safety to avoid burst damage or escape dangerous situations. If you want to be more aggressive in the build you could always use Stalker Shoes with the “Raging Blink” ability, sacrificing some defensive potential for another boost to damage tied to a 25s cooldown blink.

Lymhurst Cape

Lymhurst Cape is going to be important for your energy sustain, however, if you are playing with someone wearing Royal Armor or Druid Cowl, you could be more aggressive and pick a Thetford Cape with your team providing you with energy.



Deep Cuts is the way to go on the weapon passive, with your high attack speed due to dual wielding daggers, and your high damage bonuses, this passive can really help deal some great dps to a single target. As for passives, you can go all damage, or a mix. Personally I like to use the “Quick Thinker” passive on the Helmet and Boots, with the “Balanced Mind” passive on the chest. Granting around a 15% bonus to both damage AND cooldowns when combined with Eel Stew food.

Deadwater Eel Stew

Resistance Potion


  • Amazing execute potential
  • Great damage
  • Highly mobile


  • Purges / Interrupts (fiend cowl / iron-clad staff / Heavy mace)
  • Crowd Control heavy team compositions

Written by: NomadPoncho

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