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Demonfang MDPS

Demonfang Build

If you are less interested in the assassin style of daggers, and more interested in slicing through groups of enemies with a powerful demonic dagger, then this build may be for you. This build focuses more on being able to do consistent burst damage, then hitting big when your opponents start to get low. This build can both create a good opening for your team with high damage, or hold strength as an amazing group execute weapon, cleaving through your enemies HP bars with ease.

As a hard hitting Melee DPS (MDPS) the demonfang holds damage that has to be respected, and is often feared. Boost your damage with your other skills, and work in damage with a few swings of your E spell. When you see your opponents health bars drop below 50% HP, thats when this build really becomes a force to be reckoned with. High mobility means it will be hard for your opponents to escape, and high AoE (Area of Effect) damage will mean that unlike with other daggers, the more opponents you have in front of you, the more damage you can deal.

Deadly Swipe: Deadly swipe offers you the mobility to stay on top of your opponents, and the damage buffs to make your spell hit hard. It is worth noting that the Jacket on this build works with “Lifesteal”, where the damage you are dealing to opponents with it, is converted to health for yourself. Try keeping your stacks at a maximum before using it, and any of your other key skills to really maximize their potential.

Throwing Stars: In keeping with the theme of high mobility, and high damage, this skill throws out three stars, each unique opponent hit will provide you with a 15% move speed and 15% bonus damage buff, stacking up to three times for a whopping 45% speed and damage bonus. Using it before your “Hellion Jacket” means more lifesteal, using it before your E spell

Blood Ritual: A relatively new spell in Albion after the weapon was reworked entirely, this weapon allows you to use three slashes in quick succession. Each usage increases the cooldown until the spell is available again, and will add stacks of self damage to yourself. The best bet is to use two at a time, combined with throwing stars and your hellion hood to boost the damage. Use all three together if you have pierced an enemy below 50% health with the stalker hood to carve through their health bars like butter.

Equipment abilities

Stalker Hood

“Mortal Agony” the main spell of the stalker hood is on a 15 second cooldown, synergising perfectly with two slashes of your “Blood Ritual” spell and throwing stars. The pierce that is applied to enemies below 50% HP gives you great execution potential for your team, and reveals opponents that are invisible, meaning no one can escape. Remember that with your “Hellion Jacket” being a “Lifesteal” item, pierced enemies will also take much more damage, resulting in higher heals for yourself, especially with the bonus damage added boosting the damage before it is applied. Hit this before your Jacket at the right time and you can restore an incredible amount of health very quickly.

Hellion Jacket

“Life Steal Aura” Is a spell similar to the stalker jacket. You are surrounded with an Aura dealing damage to all opponents caught inside. The damage they take is given to you as HP, which is why it is important to keep your Q stacks up, activate your throwing stars, and Stalker hood to boost its effectiveness where possible. Remember, the more opponents in the Aura, the more HP you will have restored, allowing you to get right into a group of enemies to deal your damage, with those same damage boosts massively increasing the power of your Blood Ritual dagger spell.

Royal Shoes

Whilst in open world you may be better off wearing royal sandals, or another boot to offer a more long distance mobility, in 5v5 defensives are important. The boots being such a low cooldown still offer great mobility, but also add a strong defensive that allows you to dodge high damage or dangerous crowd control during the effect. Remember you can also use these shoes to dodge the purge from a fiend cowl, or from heavy mace, allowing you to protect your Life steal aura and damage boosts.

Lymhurst Cape

The lymhurst cape will be needed to keep your energy sustained throughout the fight, however should you be entering 5v5 with another team members supplying the team with energy, such as MDPS in Royal Armor, or RDPS with a Druid Cowl, then you may be able to use the Thetford Cape instead to offer you a better damage output.


This shield works perfectly with your leather armor passives, offering a boost of both damage and defense vs players. A great offhand option to keep you alive whilst you deliver your damage. Also, with you dealing self damage upon using the Blood Ritual spell, the defense against players also reduces the self damage inflicted, so stacking this stat helps you with keeping healthy when using all three slashes.


“Balanced Mind” on leather offers a mix of damage and defense, working perfectly with your shield and food in this build. On the dagger take “Deep Cuts”, adding a bleed to your auto attacks and increasing your single target DPS.

Avalonian Pork Omelette

The Avalonian Pork Omelette helps reduce your cooldowns, and also offers your more defense vs players to help keep you healthy and reduce your Blood Ritual self damage. That being said, a regular stew may be better to push your damage potential higher. Try both and see which you prefer.

Resistance Potion

Not only does this potion save yourself from being focused, and allow the healer time to pick your health back up, but it also helps keep the value of your Hellion Jacket by protecting your health bar whilst you restore it with the Jacket. Remember, that there can be cases to use this aggressively, to allow you to push up to the enemy and pressure them, with the increased defense protecting you whilst you do it, possibly buying your team the time they need to recover before returning for heals.


  • High mobility
  • High area damage
  • Great execute potential


  • Purges to remove your buffs
  • Reflects, such as Demon Armor/Retaliate

Written by: NomadPoncho

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