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Demonic RDPS

Demonic Staff Build

Want a warlock build that boasts high damage over time that you can spread across the opposing team, with single target burst and the ability to send you opponents running in fear with a terrifying wraith summoned with your E spell “Anguished Soul”? Then maybe give this build a try. Works well with most team compositions due to the versatility of the W spell line offers.

Your main focus with this build is to keep as many of your enemies stacked up with vile curse as you can, then focusing one of them down with cursed beam to provide pressure. Your “Anguished Soul” spell can be used aggressively to punish enemies clumping together for heals, or defensively to force back aggressors pushing into your backline.

Cursed Sickle: A spell that sends forth a spinning sickle that passes through all enemies it hits, applying stacks of vile curse to them both on its way out, and as it returns to the caster. It is a Damage over Time (DoT) debuff that can be stacked up to 4 times, and is where most of your pressure comes from on curse. These stacks are also import for use with your W spell as detailed below. Remember that vile cursed stacks can be removed with a guardian helmet, so keep an eye on your opponents to make sure you restack them should they get taken away.

Cursed Beam: A channeled spell that consumes your stacks of vile curse on an opponent to deal damage to them, and anyone in their immediate area. Whilst this channel can be interrupted, it is on a low cooldown and provides incredible amounts of damage. This spell can be absolutely devastating, so pressure those closest to you to force them back, and don’t try dive deep to hit someone in their backline unless your team has the pressure for you to do so.

Anguished Soul (gif outdated): This ability sends a wraith along a straight path fearing all those it hits and forcing them to run in the opposite direction. Whilst the damage is always the same when used, the fear duration is longer the more stacks of “Vile Curse” your opponents have, so for maximum effectiveness try make sure your opponents are stacked up with 4 stacks before using the spell. The fear provided by this spell can be a great disable to set up damage for your team, or follow up to prevent recovery from your team’s damage.

Equipment abilities

Assassin Hood

This spell channels for 3 seconds and reduces cooldowns by 15 seconds. Using it immediately after your E spell is a great way to get your spells ready for the next hit, with the majority of the channel being protected by the “Anguished Soul” spell keeping your opponents away. This can be a great way to keep high damage applied to your opponents and really hinder their recovery, allowing you to use your E spell to both set up damage for your team, and protect them from a counter afterwards.

Cleric Robe

This robe keeps you safe from damage with the immunity offered by its main ability “Everlasting Spirit”. Activating it will also mean that if you are hit in the next 1.5 seconds, you will become immune to all damage, and have your own damage boosted by 20%. Using this spell to protect yourself from a diving Melee DPS, also offers you the ability to force them back by channeling “Cursed Beam” on them whilst protected by this spell.

Cleric Sandals

Offering a short blink on a low cooldown this shoe slot can help you get the perfect angle for your “Anguished Soul” spell to hit as many opponents as possible. With it only being a 20 second cooldown, your assassin hood will take the cooldown down to 5 seconds. They can also be used to skilfully and quickly evade damage or crowd control by being able to instantly blink to a safer location.

Thetford Cape

This build offers high damage, your offense is your best defense, and keeping enemies stacked up with DoT, and pushing them back with Vile Curse stacks, the Thetford Cape only adds to that pressure to help keep you and your backline safe. A lymhurst cape may be needed depending on your team composition or passive selection.



“Furious” on the weapon if timed well can greatly boost the damage of your Cursed beam and Anguished soul Spells, if you are finding Energy a problem, then you could run “Energetic”. Finally “Bane” is a simple spell that just adds more damage to your auto attacks. For the armors go with “Aggression” on cloth and “Balanced Mind” on leather to boost your available damage.

Beef Stew

Nothing much to say here, with you dealing such good damage over time, the more damage you can apply the more pressure you put on the enemy healer. So eat up!

Resistance Potion

Keeps you healthy when things arent going your way. Especially because you are wearing cloth armor, the increase in defense vs players it grants has amazing effectiveness in helping your healer bring your health bar back up and look after you during times of focus.


  • High Damage over Time
  • Great single target focus
  • Strong disable on a low cooldown


  • Guardian Helmets
  • Kidnap compositions

Written by: NomadPoncho

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