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Great Curse RDPS

Great Cursed Staff Build

The Great Curse staff is a devastating weapon available to the warlock line. Not only is it incredible at keeping your opponents stacked with Vile Curse, but it has the unique ability to strip Healing Over Time (HoT) stacks from enemy players. This makes it an incredible pick to overwhelm nature staff healers by applying constant Damage Over Time (DoT) to counter the opposing team’s HoT’s.

The weapon, and this build however is not simply restricted to that role. Your W spell “Cursed Beam” Does incredible amounts of damage to your target and anyone around them. This synergises especially well with the Great Curse, allowing you to ensure you can always instantly stack up your targets before using the beam. One big counter to Curse in general is the Guardian Helmet, using the assassin hood can make sure you always have the ability to restack and pressure your opponents with damage should your DoT’s be cleansed.

Cursed Sickle: Your main aim with this Q spell is to keep your opponents stacked. As you begin just make sure you keep whoever you can stacked to max, as you get more comfortable with the weapon, and the build, try to position yourself to stack multiple targets at once with the sickle. You want to make sure you have as many of the enemy team stacked up as possible, but do not put yourself out of position diving the backline to stack them with damage. The spell stacks DoT’s up to 4 times, be sure to keep opponents at max where you can.

Cursed Beam: Your main method of forcing melee players back as they push into your team, this ability does incredible amounts of damage and can be used independently to help maintain pressure and keep diving players out of your backline, as well as synergising with your team by beaming players disabled in proximity of each other by your tank to put incredible pressure on their team. Usually you only want to use this on their frontline, unless they are trying to reset and you see an opportunity. The Mage Sandals can be used with this ability, by casting the shoes before the beam, allowing you to reposition without interrupting the channel, protecting you from being interrupted or allowing you to defensively move back whilst still applying pressure.

Area of Decay: As mentioned in the build description, the Area of Decay spell is capable of stripping HoT’s from enemy players. Each “tick” of damage applies one stack of Vile Curse, and removes one HoT stack. This means it can be used in two main ways. One would be to help you keep, or begin the process of stacking up the opposing team with your DoT, and the other would be to take healing over time stacks to help keep the value of your team’s damage. Try not to use this spell for no reason. Wait for your team to land some good damage, then use the E to strip the healing away from your targets.

Equipment abilities

Assassin Hood

Your Cursed Beam is a channel, and can therefore be interrupted by the opposing team. Your stacks of Vile Curse can also be cleansed with a Guardian Helmet. The Assassin Hood helps you solve both of these issues by granting you the ability to cast your Cursed Beam again after a short delay, or bring back the cooldown of your Area of Decay to allow for quicker stacking. The other benefit of this helmet is that it also reduces the cooldowns of your defensives, such as sandals, robe and potion.

Cleric Robe

Everlasting Spirit

Mage Sandals

A low cooldown delayed teleport. But what makes these shoes unique is that if used before casting a channel, or cast, these shoes will not interrupt it. Allowing you to either keep the channel going whilst your enemies flee, or back up to a safer location whilst still applying pressure. The one downside is that with the delay you may have to preempt the damage, or crowd control you want to avoid, by blinking back before it connects, allowing you to either avoid, or mitigate their effectiveness.

Thetford Cape

Not much to say with this cape on this build. Just adds poke damage, and more damage is good. If you want to get a little more technical, you could try using a bridewatch cape, and timing it with your cursed beam to slow them down as you channel, but in all honestly all that leads to is less dps with you holding your auto attacks for a cape activation.



Bane / Energetic for the Weapon. Bane for better damage on auto attacks, Energetic for energy sustain if you find yourself having trouble. Aggression / Balanced mind for the armor passives to squeeze the most damage out you can.

Beef Stew

More damage is all you need. You have the assassin hood for cooldown reduction, this food just helps you squeeze the most out of the constantly ticking damage over time you apply to your opponents.

Resistance Potion

It is important to keep these equipped to allow you to resist heavy damage, or even save you from death if you are being focused by the enemy team. It increases your defense vs players massively, and can buy your healer the time they need to keep you alive.


  • Amazing consistent pressure
  • Great AoE damage
  • High burst potential


  • Guardian Helmets
  • Strong shields (Arcane/Oathkeepers)

Written by: NomadPoncho

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