RoguesNest - Builds: Ravager


Bear Paws Build

An aggressive build designed to rush in on your opponent in a constant barrage of melee attack and bleed damage to decimate their HP, the Ravager build is about staying on top of your opponent with unrelenting attacks and not letting up until they fall. If a high mobility melee build focused on aggression with a combination of direct and damage over time damage sounds like fun to you, then this build is for you.

Activate adrenaline rush, jump on your opponent with razor cut, and keep spamming them with damage from the first two parts of rending range and your auto attacks. Should they try to run, purge them with your fiend cowl, if they activate reflects to kick back your damage then the fiend cowl can remove that too. The assassin jacket can be used to buy some time for you razor cut to come off cooldown again, whilst also building up your damage for it. Adrenaline rush and razor cut can also be great skills to escape too if you need to get out of an unfavorable situation. Hitting your shoe spell, with adrenaline rush, before poison potting an enemy mount then jumping on them with razor cut can be a quick way to dismount a player.

Rending Rage: Rending rage is a three part combo that does damage and stacks your opponent with bleed. At three stacks they will also get a reduced healing debuff. The third part in the combo will perform a small jump, and root opponents where you land. For the most part, just use the first two parts for the best dps, as the using the final part puts you on a longer cooldown. Only use the rooting final jump, if you need it for distance, or to keep them in place.

Adrenaline Boost: This ability will increase your auto attack speed, move speed, and overall damage. You will have to keep attacking to keep the skill active, otherwise it can end early. Using this before razor cut will help boost the damage,and overall helps with your mobility.

Razor Cut: Leap forward dealing damage in a cone in front of you when you land. It deals direct damage to all caught in the area, and applies a strong true damage of time bleed effect. When you hit your target the cooldown of the E will be reduced, allowing it to be used more often in combat then when escaping, even so, this can be a great skill to use to escape if you get a little overwhelmed.

Equipment abilities

Fiend Cowl

On a build with such high mobility, being able to purge someone else’s really puts you in control of the fight. Alternatively, should they have some strong sustain, damage bonuses or invulnerability, it can be a great choice to purge these effects off to stay competitive in the fight. Should you get in a fight with multiple opponents, or a very aggressive melee, the knockback on the Forcefield skill also offered by the cowl can be a great choice to switch to, enabling you to keep opponents at bay whilst you wait for your next cooldown.

Assassin Jacket

Damage, defense, and escape potential all tied up in one jacket. Hiding in ambush will slowly build up damage stacks on yourself, coming out of ambush with adrenaline rush and Razor Cut can do incredible amounts of damage. You can also use it to hide from opponents when you don't want to get hit by something, or even just to buy some time for your spells to be back off cooldown. You can even use it to escape a fight, by finding the best spot to distance yourself from your opponents before using your mobility out of it to escape.

Royal Sandals

The bear paws are all about aggression, so having an unpurgeable run that buffs your damage is very on brand for the Ravager build. Be careful though, this item also increase your damage taken, so use with caution.

Thetford cape

The adrenaline boost and royal sandals skills both increase your damage, so both boost your thetford cape damage. You could opt for an undead cape for better escape when solo, or in riskier areas with a group.



Deep Cuts

Deadwater Eel Stew

More damage is great for any melee build, but you also want to be able to have your spells available as often as possible, Eel stew offers both damage and cooldowns, working great with the bear paws to give you more direct damage from your spells, and higher dps and mobility by having them available more often.

Invisibility Potion

Can be used with the assassin Jacket (to drop any active damage over time effects on you before using the potion). Used to escape combat should you need to, but it is also a great consumable to sneak up on unwilling victims. If you have spotted someone gathering, or fighting mobs on the edge of your screen, you can dismount out of view, drink the invisibility potion, and walk all the way to them to launch an attack, keeping all your mobility to chase them down should they try to run. Poison potions can help with dismounting, and healing potions for surviving in harder fights if you need a switch.


  • High mobility
  • Great, persistent damage
  • Anti heal utility
  • Good escape potential
  • True damage DoT


  • Parry strike on swords
  • Cultist cowl

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