RoguesNest - Builds: Champion of the Hammer

Champion of the Hammer

Tombhammer Build

This build is excellent for open world roaming whether you’re in a small group ganking or looking to fight other groups. The extra mobility from your hammer dash paired with the ranged stun from your Grasp of the Undead(E) can close gaps quickly to catch a victim or potentially stun a target in the backline at a crucial moment.

The skill ceiling on this build is fairly high as it relies on a small ranged stun that if missed can cause your worth in the fight to drop dramatically. Though with some practice this build can prove to be a deadly force in the open world.

Iron Breaker: This ability is your bread and butter once you have stunned an opponent. It not only does a small chunk of damage, it also drops the resistance of any target's hit which can give a massive boost to you and your allies' damage.

Slowing Charge: This W is your go to when running in the open world. Use this to engage or disengage a target and more importantly utilize the slow on this ability to guarantee your Grasp of the Undead(E) landing.

Inertia Ring: This ability is an alternative W to Slowing charge that you can and should use in some group fight situations. If the fight exceeds 5+ on both sides and especially if you're in tight terrain like the Roads of Avalon, consider swapping to this W for the fight.

Grasp of the Undead: This ranged crowd control ability is the main reason that the Tombhammer can be such a strong force in the right hands. The stun is small but very effective if landed correctly. Be sure never use your E unless you have already slowed the target or you can determine the exact direction your target wants to go. (Like if they are fleeing or charging at you) If you don’t, you will likely miss.

Equipment abilities

Fiend cowl

The fiend cowl is the usual go to on this build as purging the enemy fits perfectly into your role as a Tank/CC. Assassin Hood is also an excellent option for a potential double stun. You want to hit Meditation the moment you use your E so that your next W and E will be available immediately after the target becomes unstunned.

Knight Armor

This armor works very well for open world engagements. It can be used to control the opponent when ganking or interrupt crucial casts from a healer. If you find yourself outnumbered in a fight it can be used to help peel and kite. Just be sure to use it in a choke to help your team gain some distance when using it. Guardian Armor is also an option here.

Scholar Sandals

This build is quite mana hungry. Use the standard cloth sandals run or the Scholar Sandal’s Focused Run ability if you want the potential immunity to stuns, roots, slows, and purges.

Demon Cape

This cape helps you pump out damage on your initial stun on a target and can help get the dismount when ganking. Thetford cape is also a good option and potentially the better pick for group fights.


Use Energetic on your hammer for the mana regen as well as mana cost reduction passives on your cloth boots. Use the increase CC Passive on the Chest and Cooldown passive on the hood.

Pork Omelette

Use omelette for cooldowns as your job is to consistently put out CC on targets. An alternative option is the Avalonian Beef Sandwich if you want slightly extended CC durations This is a good option if you are running with something like a Blazing Staff where half a second extra stun could matter.

Sticky Potion

The potion choice is really more preference. Sticky can give you extra utility with slowing in a choke or revealing a target from invis and is the best option if you have the skill to pull it off. Invisibility potions can help you escape in a bad situation and poison can help with dismounting while ganking.


  • Very Mobile
  • Excellent CC that is hard to avoid
  • Tanky
  • Pair very well with damage
  • Can fight outnumbered with the right team


  • Cleanses
  • Healers that can use proper defensives
  • Spiked Gauntlets

Written by: Nazori