RoguesNest - Builds: Cleaver


Carving Sword Build

This build is an excellent choice for brawlers in an open world group that have some good follow up damage behind them. The core idea of this build is to pierce enemies with your E in order to open up for big follow up damage.

If done correctly this build is incredibly strong and valuable in group play

Heroic Cleave: AoE Q since this is intended for group fighting. Getting into a group and stacking quickly with this Q is important for your E opener.

Iron Will: This ability is great for the extra defense when brawling and can be extremely useful for the anti purge benefit when using your Hellion Jacket.

Splitting Slash: This ability can be a good alternative to Iron Will when your group could use a bit more CC in the group. The damage isn’t bad either.

Fearless Strike: This is your engage and potentially what determines your group going in for damage. As a carving user you will likely want to get used to calling out to your team if you're going in with your E, so your team can provide damage follow up.

Equipment abilities

Hood of Tenacity

This hood is potentially a game changer in a small team fight. As a Carving sword you are in a perfect position right after a damage clap to drop an anti heal which could be the pressure that turns the fight for your team. It’s worth noting the Spectre hood is a great option for extra sustain and may be a good option if you have no healer with you. Though if you are against a healer the Hood of Tenacity is likely a crucial pick.

Hellion Jacket

This chestpiece is very good for sustaining once you get low. Be sure not to pop it until you are at least under half and if damage isn’t ramping crazy (and there are no Bloodletters waiting to execute you) it’s worth waiting for the 25% mark.

Cloth Sandals

Good to handle any potential mana problems. Leather shoes can also be an option if you’re mana seems fine. This really depends on your Gear/Cape Tier.

Martlock Cape

This combined with the Hellion Jacket can make your 25% health mark your strongest fighting time. The extra defense plus maxed healing from a hellion can be incredibly effective bait for the enemy team.


Damage and cooldown passive should be used on Gear. Deep cuts or Heroic Fighting are good options for your sword.

Deadwater Eel Stew

Cooldowns and Damage pair well with this build. A cheap option can always be Omelette or Stew depending on playstyle.

Resistance potion

The build lacks a defensive beyond the Hellion Jacket and Martlock cape. The resistance potion can be used at higher health in case of big bursts of damage when using the Jacket would be a waste of the ability.


  • Strong pair to help boost high burst damage weapons
  • Extra Mobility
  • Great unexpected sustain and survivability at low health


  • Getting Purged during Hellion Jacket
  • Getting Bopped or Stunned and zoned during Hellion.
  • Effective Defensive use right after your E is applied.

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