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Bloodletter Build

Bloodletters are one of the most notorious weapons in Albion Online, giving many the reputation of thieves and rats. The Cutpurse build is all about opportunity, finding someone alone and unprotected, or busy with battling mobs or other players, then swooping in to deal incredible amounts of damage very, very quickly.

If bursting someone down with a powerful execute build before fleeing with all their valuable possessions sounds enticing to you, then give our Cutpurse build a try. The basic rotation involves dealing some damage with auto attacks and stack damage with your Q spells, before using your Cleric Robe to block enemy damage and boost your own, allowing you to activate your Mage cowl, Chain slash, and any other damage you can to burst them below 40% HP. Once they are below 40% the bloodletter executes dealing huge damage.

Deadly Swipe: Deadly swipe is a great all round skill for a melee, giving you a short range dash, AOE damage around where you land, and granting assassin spirit charges, increasing your overall damage. You can use this ability to avoid skillshots, chase/flee in combat vs players. It works great on this build to add even more damage to help you burst down your opponent as quickly as possible.

Chain Slash: An offensive/defensive spell, providing you with mobility (by performing a targeted dash chaining through up to four players), damage, and a brief invulnerability frame to avoid damage whilst you are performing the dash. The slash does more damage as you dash through each target, so to really maximize potential, try chaining onto your target last.

Lunging Stabs: The main feature of the Bloodletter, and one many players have grown to fear. Perform a quick dash forward dealing damage to all enemies on the way. If you hit any player below 40% health, they will receive much higher damage, leading to bloodletter holding its place as an execution weapon in fights.

Equipment abilities

Mage Cowl

The mage cowl is a simple item that enchants your next auto attack to apply magical damage over time. The main purpose of this build is to get your target to below 40% HP, so adding an aggressive helmet slot that deals damage that can be boosted by your Q and Robe spells works great.

Cleric Robe

A mixture of defense and offense tied up in one item. Upon activating Everlasting Spirit, any damage taken within the next 1.5 seconds will grant you a shield, making you immune to all damage, and granting you 20% bonus damage for the next 3 seconds. Activating this along with your damage spells all together can make short work of any foe, and is an essential piece for any glass cannon style build.

Miner Workboots

Gathering shoes? On a PvP build? It may sound weird but this is actually pretty common place in Albion. The miner workboots offer the best escape potential out of all the boots in Albion, giving you an incredibly quick and long duration sprint to escape battle. Perfect on the Cutpurse build, allowing you to drop your target, grab the loot, and flee any additional opponents.

Thetford Cape

Thetford Cape will help get your targets down to the 40% execution threshold faster.


Furthering the glass cannon, all in design of the build, the Cryptcandle will provide a great damage bonus, at the cost of reducing your defense against players. A very risky move for a cloth build, but the cleric robe protects you with complete immunity, and the miner workboots give you a speedy escape. Just remember that you are not good at trading damage, you burst, you run.


Deep Cuts grants physical damage over time application on every 4th auto attack. More damage wherever possible, and this is the only reliable damage you can squeeze out of the available passives on the bloodletter. For armor passives take “aggression” for more damage.

Beef Stew

Surprise surprise, more damage. Stew just adds bonus damage to your build. The cap is 100% bonus damage on the build, and the stew helps you get as close to that as possible.

Poison Potion

Poison potions not only add extra damage through the form of a true damage over time throwable, but also reduce resistances on the target you hit. Make sure you throw this just before you apply your mage cowl, chain slash and E nuke to help that damage pierce through some of the enemy defenses.


  • Incredibly high burst damage
  • Very easy to learn
  • Great escape potential
  • Great at stealing loot/kills


  • High range/kiting opponents
  • Very tanky opponents
  • Strong sustain builds

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