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Spear Build

The evolution of our Hunter starter build, no surprises that it is back here in the solo builds section. Viable from Tier 4 all the way to Tier 8.3 this build scales incredibly well with IP. Strong sustain, great persistent damage, and incredible versatility, this build lets you do a little bit of everything. From solo’ing spiders and some of Albion’s more dangerous bosses in the open world, to fighting other players. This is a build that can even let you fight outnumbered if you play well.

Well rounded, with an easy skill floor, and high skill ceiling this is a build you will be able to stick with until the maximum tier. Whilst it is very well suited for solo play, you can change up a few items to make it very capable in group fights with your friends. Details on what to switch up will be listed below. Enjoy!

Lunging Strike: A great ability that enables you to chase opponents by slowing them down with every hit, or kite out melee aggressors. This spell is an AoE (Area of Effect) spell that will hit multiple opponents, making it great for cleaning dungeons, or fighting multiple foes. Lunging strike will also increase your auto attack damage, increasing life steal from auto’s and damage dealt to opponents. A lot of your damage in this build comes from your stacked auto attacks, so try to keep working them in where you can.

Forest of Spears: Another great AoE ability that will do high damage in a cone in front of you whilst channeling. This does damage every 0.3 seconds to every opponent inside the area, making it a great pair with the mercenary jacket, enabling you to heal quickly by striking all those caught in it’s area. Don’t forget that you have other options! Deflecting spin vs burst damage builds, impaler when you need to kite out another melee, harpoon vs frosts or warbows, cripple vs swords to purge their stacks. These skill swaps really help you to outplay your opponents, so be sure to practice using them.

Reckless Charge: Not only does this once again add to the AoE damage of the build, it is also both a mobility and an interrupt. Allowing you to quickly reposition in a fight when needed, and interrupt any casts or channels in the process. In PvE you can use this to stop mobs from hitting you with any high damage abilities, or just to escape AoE damage by dashing away or through them in the process.

Equipment abilities

Hunter Hood

Helm Description

Mercenary Jacket

This will heal you every time you do damage, near instantly completed by the forest of spear skill, you can also auto attack, and take advantage on the AoE on your Q or E spell to hit multiple opponents at once to quickly heal. Should you need to use one of the other W spell options, it might be a good idea to swap to inferno shield instead.

Soldier Boots

Rejuvenating sprint is great to add to the already strong sustain of this build, should you need a longer duration run to chase or flee opponents, wanderlust can be a good choice. You may even have some occasion to swap to dodge roll to give you the ability to dodge out on high burst damage. Knowing when or where to switch may take some practice.

Undead Cape

The undead cape is a great way to survive if too many opponents show up, or if it looks like you may loose a fight. For the best chance of escape, try to look at getting your reckless charge ability ready for when the cape is about to activate, then use it to dash away at the moment the cape activates to get you immediately out of danger.


This offhand increases your attack speed, a great pairing with spear where a lot of your damage comes from your auto attacks. Equipping a torch helps increase your DPS (damage per second) not only by helping you attack faster, but also by providing you with a minor cooldown reduction, allowing you to use your spells sooner.


Your weapon passive will be “life leech”, will allow you to steal health based on the auto attack damage you deal, an amazing pair with the spear’s ability to increase auto attack damage. For armor you want “toughness” on plater, and “balanced mind” on leather pieces. For better defense and healing.

Roasted Puremist Snapper

This food will further the sustain from your auto attack and mercenary jacket healing, helping you keep healthy as you fight.

Healing Potion

This build is focused on consistent damage with high sustain, deflecting spin offers you great resistance, so resistance potion isn't always needed. The healing potion allows you to focus on continuously dealing damage, or healing as you kite. That being said, there may be times you encounter a particularly bursty opponent, where you would like to keep using forest of spears, so in these cases a resistance potion can be a great swap.


  • Very good sustain
  • Very good outplay potential
  • Very good in PvE
  • Very good in PvP
  • Good counter mobility
  • Very good defensive ability
  • Cheap


  • Purges
  • Cultist cowl
  • Cursed staffs

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