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Whispering Bow Build

Scouts never get too close to opponents, observing their opponents from a distance until they have enough information to make a decision on whether to engage or not. The beauty of this build is that you don’t even have to get close for combat! This build focuses on allowing you to do as much damage as possible, from as far as possible. If kiting out your opponents whilst consistently hitting them with strong ranged damage sounds fun to you, this is your build.

The whispering bow is a unique weapon in Albion Online, with the E spell increasing your auto attack range. The addition of the mage cowl poison being sent over with those longer ranged auto attacks, damage booting armor pieces, and invisibility to avoid those times when opponents do get too close work great to tear any player from their mounts, and gun them down as they try to flee from the constant barrage of damage.

Poisoned Arrow: A long range instant cast arrow applying a damage over time poison spell that can be stacked up to three times. This spell has very little stand time when cast, but is limited to you standard auto attack range. Be careful using it when you E is active in case you close the valuable distance you have created. Use it off cooldown where you can.

Frost Shot: When cast right next to an opponent Frost Shot will slow them, whilst also firing you backwards. If no opponent is in range, you just get the jump. Use this spell to keep distance from your opponents. Another use, can be to turn you back to your opponent, and throw yourself towards them. This is an amazing mobility spell once you get used to using it.

Undead Arrows: Increases your attack range, and adds magical damage to your auto attacks. This spell hits hard but it does make you more vulnerable to other players by reducing your defense vs players stat. Try to maintain distance when using the spell, and be sure to turn it off before taking any burst damage. It is a toggle spell so disabling the effect can be done at any time.

Equipment abilities

Mage Cowl

The mage cowl is a simple item that enchants your next auto attack to apply magical damage over time. The amazing thing about its interaction with the whispering bow is that with your auto attacks having increased range, you can apply it from a long distance, great for poking down your opponents. If you need some more distance, you can always swap to the forcefield skill to keep opponents at bay.

Assassin Jacket

Keeping opponents at bay is great in theory, but sometimes players commit all their mobility to get right on top of you, if this happens at a time when you have no mobility spells off cooldown, the Ambush skill can be a great way to buy yourself some time to create space again. The bonus damage built up whilst invis will also apply to your mage cowl and Undead Arrows if you activate them upon leaving the invisibility, allowing you to hit even harder.

Royal Sandals

Keeping yourself at maximum range can be hard if other players purge your mobility. The Royal Sandals are immune to purges being a toggle, and increase your damage whilst active, perfect for keeping high damage coming whilst maintaining a distance. Be careful though, this items also increase your damage taken, so use with caution.

Undead Cape

Undead cape for safety, Thetford Cape for more damage to assist in dismounting. The choice is yours. Typically when playing in a group players go for the extra damage of the thetford cape, and when solo, the survival offered by the undead cape.


Piercing Arrows increase the target’s damage taken, so work perfectly with this build. You do have the option of switching this around for extra energy regeneration, or slowing your opponents. Try the passives out and see which fits you best. For armor passives take “balanced mind” and “aggression” for more damage.

Deadwater Eel Stew

Eel stew offers both damage and cooldowns, working great with the whispering bow by giving you more direct damage from your spells, and higher dps and mobility by having them available more often.

Invisibility Potion

Can be used with the assassin Jacket (to drop any active damage over time effects on you before using the potion). Used to escape combat should you need to, but it is also a great consumable to sneak up on unwilling victims. If you have spotted someone gathering, or fighting mobs on the edge of your screen, you can dismount out of view, drink the invisibility potion, and walk all the way to them to launch an attack, keeping all your mobility to chase them down should they try to run.


  • High mobility
  • Very high damage
  • Very long attack range
  • Great at dismounting players
  • Strong vs melee
  • Strong vs casters


  • Double bladed staff
  • Spears using Harpoon

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