RoguesNest - Builds: Tombhammer Fighter

Tombhammer Fighter

Tombhammer Build

Tombhammer is an excellent open world solo weapon. It features great survivability with a ton of control. It is potentially one of the best ganking weapons to run in the right hands.

With great moblity and lockdown this build can not only kite well but is a great at catching and finishing kills.

Threatening Strike: Good Damage enabling you to brawl when you need to.

Slowing charge: Use this for mobility and to help land your E. I would recommend almost never throwing out an E without using slowing charge.

Grasp of the undead: You're signature ability. Grasp has a low cooldown but is crucial to winning the fight. Make sure your opponent is slowed or moving very predictably (running away) before casting this. If running Demon Cape, combo this for massive damage.

Equipment abilities

Hunter hood

Great defensive to be able to counter all those big bursty builds out there. Identify what move your opponent absolutely wants to land and save this ability for it. Also great to bait out a purge to help secure your soldier armor. (or vice versa)

Soldier Armor

Plate defense with cloth damage at max stacks. You can combo this with the Demon Cape for massive damage but is not necessary. Just pop this at the peak of the brawl typically and you will get value from it.

Cloth Sandals

Any cloth sandals to use mana sprint since the hammer is a black hole for mana.

Undead Cape

Undead for survivability or Demon for damage. In the mists undead can keep you alive in tight situations.


Mana passive. All Hammers are super mana hungry.

Dusthole Crab Omelette

Cooldowns and help mitigate mana issues.

Healing Potion

Definitely can be swapped in different situations but these are usually the best. I usually run health if running an undead cape.


  • Great mobility
  • Great catch
  • Hard to kill
  • Able to control the fight


  • Curse staffs
  • High sustain builds

Written by: Nazori https://www.none