RoguesNest - Builds: The One Shot

The One Shot

Crossbow Build

This build has a specific super power. When executed properly, it will absolutely 1 shot anyone not in plate armor. It has a load of limitations but offers quite a good kit for giving you some power when you’re alone in the open world.

With this build you will need to pay very close attention to your enemies' defenses. If there are multiple targets in front of you, quickly identify the one without a hard damage immunity and land your combo. The combo from this crossbow is so devastating that you only need to land it once to get the job done.

Auto Fire: Use this to hit mounted targets in order to dismount. You typically are unable to actually dismount someone in an aggressive manner since you need to save your moves for the big combo. But if someone is posturing to fight, use auto fire potential to get them dismounted. Just be sure they don’t have hard defenses. If you dismount a target that can avoid your snipe you will not win the fight. If they do have damage immunities try to get them to dismount on you they're a free kill.

Sunder Shot: Now this ability is crucial to the start of the combo so we’re gonna go over it here. Right after sending a poison pot at your target, activate your scholar robe and hit em with a Sunder Shot followed up by a snipe. If that doesn’t finish them off hit them with a mage cowl and an auto fire. The combo is absolutely devastating and the target is unlikely to survive if you combo correctly.

Snipe Shot: As described in the prior ability description, use this right following your sunder shot. The only thing I would note here is be aware of interrupts, and range limits. If your target walks out of range your cast will be interrupted.

Equipment abilities

Mage cowl

Use this to help dismount targets, warm em up before your combo or clean em up if they happen to survive the snipe shot. You can also swap this to bop if you want more potential escapes.

Scholar robe

Crucial for the combo. Use this to speed up your W and your E. Don’t waste it on mobs if you want to be ready for a target.

Miner Workboots

These things are critical for your survival. Do not use them in any aggressive manner and if you happen to use them to escape, any further fighting is a full commitment as the cooldown on these boots are massive. Careful when using them for any purges.

Undead Cape

This is just for survival. Pair this with miner boots in a dire situation and your guaranteed out of there.



Use damage passive on your helm and chest. Use well prepared on your Crossbow.

Beef Stew


Poison Potion

The resistance drop on this is vital to the combo. Be sure to start your W + E right after throwing.


  • Unexpected destruction
  • Perfect for baiting fights as a gatherer
  • Decent at mob clear in open world
  • Amazing escape capability


  • Cleric Cowl, Soldier Helm, Cleric Robe (Maybe)
  • Guardian Boots
  • Resistance Pot
  • Any major damage resist or damage immunity

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