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Spear Build

Similar to our Hunter build, but with a few key differences. The Tracker utilizes stealth and more single target focused abilities to catch others off guard, and escape less than favorable situations. If you want a build that has the capability to reliably gank gatherers and others in the open world who may be more inclined to flee than to fight, then this is the build for you.

Approaching players in stealth through use of the invisibility potion it can be easy to start a fight when your opponent isn't prepared. Should the try to flee, you have Harpoon, Reckless Charge, your boots and Fiend Cowl to prevent them from doing so. Should you encounter an opponent you expect to fight back, swapping to inferno shield and impaler instantly gets you ready for a real fight, with your passive auto attack healing, mobility and damage you can go toe to toe with many of the other builds you will encounter in the Outlands.

Lunging Strike: This ability will stack up auto attack damage, as well as slowing your opponent. Sometimes position is more important than damage, so when kiting or chasing an opponent, it may be better to use only this, without auto attacks, until you have your other cooldowns ready.

Harpoon: An incredibly strong skill to bring people right back to you should they use an ability to distance from you. The more stacks of Lunging Strike you have, the longer the root duration. You can use this to drag fleeing gatherers back to you when ganking, or pulling those pesky warbow or frost players right back to you when they use their strong mobility to kite.

Reckless Charge: A great gap closer, and interrupt, and sometimes, an execute. This is a great ability to save for undead capes, something that may usually facilitate escape. If your opponent is wearing one, make sure you keep your stacks up, then the second it activates and renders them invisible, you use your E to swiftly finish them off.

Equipment abilities

Fiend Cowl

Trying to keep hold of a player can be difficult if they activate their shoe spell, purging them can help you keep them close. Should they have some strong sustain, damage bonuses or invulnerability, it can be a great choice to purge these effects off to stay competitive in the fight. Should you get in a fight with multiple opponents, or a very aggressive melee, the knockback on the Forcefield skill also offered by the cowl can be a great choice to switch to, enabling you to keep opponents at bay whilst you wait for your next cooldown.

Assassin Jacket

Damage, defense, and escape potential all tied up in one jacket. Hiding in ambush will slowly build up damage stacks on yourself, allowing you to come out of it with a three stacked reckless charge to do great damage, but you can also use it to hide from opponents when you don't want to get hit by something, or even just to buy some time for your spells to be back off cooldown. You can even use it to escape a fight, hiding until any sources of damage over time have timed out on you, allowing you to activate your shoes, drink your invisibility potion, and run.

Soldier Boots

Wanderlust will give you a great long duration run to chase down fleeing opponents, or allow you to kite or run yourself should you need. They help you to overwhelm your opponent through superior mobility, with the great counter mobility your set features. Swap to Rejuvenating sprint for more sustain in tough fights.

Undead Cape

The undead cape helps you escape situations where you get in over your head, if you want to be better at dismounting, thetford, or caerleon capes can be a great option, but with the undead cape you can escape most situations on this build if you save you reckless charge to dash out of danger the moment it activates.


This offhand increases your attack speed, a great pairing with spear where a lot of your damage comes from your auto attacks. Equipping a torch helps increase your DPS (damage per second) not only by helping you attack faster, but also by providing you with a minor cooldown reduction, allowing you to use your spells sooner. All the while giving you better sustain from your life leech passive and food.


Life Leech

Roasted Puremist Snapper

A perfect food for the spear adding to your existing life leech passive to give you some great persistent sustain throughout the fight, also giving you more max HP to boost the effect of your healing pot when you need it.

Healing Potion

As briefly mentioned in the Assassin Jacket description, this can be used to escape combat should you need to, but it is also a great consumable to sneak up on unwilling victims. If you have spotted someone gathering, or fighting mobs on the edge of your screen, you can dismount out of view, drink the invisibility potion, and walk all the way to them to launch an attack, keeping all your mobility to chase them down should they try to run. Your Healing Potion is a switch for when things get serious, to offer you some more sustain in a difficult fight.


  • Good duel ability
  • Amazing counter mobility
  • Good mobility
  • Good passive sustain
  • Very versatile
  • Good outplay potential


  • Cursed staff
  • Crowd control

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