RoguesNest - Builds: Arbelist


Light Crossbow Build

The other weapons in Albion not giving you enough bang for your buck? What better place to turn than the explosive Arbalist build! This build gives you access to high AOE (area of effect) damage with no cast times. Perfect for being able to stay on the move as you fire a barrage of explosive attacks at your opponents.

In PvE you can easily clear through hoards of mobs to quickly progress, in PvP you are able to use Caltrops to increase your mobility and keep kiting out melee opponents, and your Exploding shot to deal burst damage after a short delay. You also have access to an array of utility W spells to swap to should the situation call for it, such as a Silencing shot, or Knockback shot, to keep control of your opponents. In general, “silencing shot” can be great vs casters, “knockback shot” vs low mobility melees, and “sunder shot” to deal some big single target damage to tankier opponents or beefy mob bosses.

Explosive bolt: Quickly shoot an explosive bolt at the targeted ground location. This spell is and AOE, meaning you will damage all opponents in the area, so dont worry too much about hitting perfectly, as long as you catch them in the area, they will take damage. With the “well prepared” passive, will reset the cooldown of this spell when you cast multiple spells in a short period.

Caltrops: This spell will do damage to your opponent, and grant you a small move speed buff when you hit an opponent. This is great for clearing through dungeons early on, and will help with the activation of the “well prepared” passive given that it is on such a low cd, allowing you to get more dps from your Explosive bolts.

Exploding shot: Instantly cast a delayed bomb on your opponent, when this bomb explodes, it will deal damage in an area around who, or whatever you have cast it on. This spell cannot be reflected, or cleansed, meaning your opponent will have to dodge it, or use a resistance buff should they want to mitigate the damage.

Equipment abilities

Cleric Cowl

One big downside to the crossbow is that you dont have any direct defenses on the weapon, or any major mobility. To protect yourself from any burst damage, or crowd control, the Cleric Cowl will allow you to become invulnerable whilst frozen in ice for a short duration. Alternatively, you could swap the active skill to Forcefield, allowing you to knock back and interrupt enemies that get too close.

Cleric robe

A very strong offensive and defensive utility. You activate the Cleric Robe, and if you take damage within the next 1.5s you become invulnerable, and deal 20% more damage for 3 seconds. This is a great item to avoid burst damage, but if you activate it and use that damage to apply your more powerful spells, it will amplify their effects greatly.

Soldier boots

These boots give you a great, long duration run ability, to allow you to kite out opponents whilst firing your bolts and caltrops, or chase them down should they try to flee. They take a few moments to reach their max speed, so speeding up the early part of the run with the caltrops' move speed can be a great way to squeeze the most out of them.


Standard cape is fine just for the energy regain. If you have the money and want to improve dungeon clear times you can opt to wear a Thetford Cape.


One of the mage line offhands, this relatively inexpensive item will increase your damage at the cost of slightly higher mana usage on abilities. This may mean you struggle in longer fights with energy, so pace yourself where needed.


“Well prepared” on the crossbow will reset the cooldown of your Q every few casted spells, be sure to end this with a Q spell to reset the Q cooldown, allowing you to cast twice in a row! As for the armor passives, take “aggression” and “toughness” for the best mix of damage and defense.

Beef Stew

You want to make the most out of your damage on crossbow. A stew will amplify your already strong attacks to help them hit even harder.

Resistance potion

It is likely that you will get pushed up on pretty hard on crossbow, but many will struggle to directly trade damage with a crossbow, so popping a resistance potion at the right moment to avoid damage can help you win an exchange.


  • Very Good in PvE
  • Good in PvP
  • High damage
  • Cheap


  • Stealthy builds
  • Whispering bow
  • Claymore

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