RoguesNest - Builds: Berserker


Greataxe Build

Some of you don’t care as much about the complexities of other builds, the need to aim or carefully land your spells. Some of you may just want to charge into battle with reckless abandon, and do a lot of damage, very quickly, to anyone foolish enough to let you get close.

This greataxe build will let you level up your gear with ease, whilst also remaining deadly in pvp with high damage, high mobility, and of course, lots and lots of spinning. If cleaving your way through the game, charging around with a big two handed axe sounds like fun, this is the build for you!

Rending spin: As soon as you are able to unlock it will deal damage in the area around you, whilst also apply a bleed over time that will reduce healing on your opponents, great for cleaving down mobs and players alike.

Adrenaline boost: This spell will increase all of your damage dealt, move speed and also attack speed. Whilst you have to keep hitting opponents to maintain the spell, this ability is very strong for slashing with your auto attacks, or boosting the damage of your other spells and bleeds. Don’t forget however, that should you need to retreat, this spell can also be great for getting out of the heat of battle.

Whirlwind: Increases your move speed as you spin around with your axe dealing high damage to all caught in range. The spell does more damage to opponents the longer they are hit by it, so stay on top of your opponents to rip them to shreds!

Equipment abilities

Scholar cowl

The axes can be pretty energy hungry, so to keep the carnage going the scholar cowl will restore energy to you when hit, perfect for the berserker playstyle. It also increases your armor, and to a lesser extent your magic resistance. So whilst it can still be a good skill in pvp, sometimes it may be better to use the “forcefield” ability. This alternate spell will deal a small amount of damage, interrupting your opponent and sending them flying away from you. Perfect to give yourself some space from aggressive melee players.

Mercenary jacket

Healing you whenever you do damage, the “bloodlust” spell is a perfect fit for the berserker playstyle. Best used with adrenaline rush whilst rapidly auto attacking your opponent, or with whirlwind to heal you whilst you deal massive damage and stay on top of your opponents

Soldier boots

In PvP it allows you to chase fleeing opponents, kite out aggressors or flee from battle yourself. In PvE you can swap this to “rejuvenating sprint”, to heal quickly whilst remaining in the fight.


Standard cape is fine just for the energy regain. If you have the money and want to improve dungeon clear times you can opt to wear a Thetford Cape.


Your main aim is to do as much damage as possible, whilst staying as tanky as possible to keep you in the fight. For this reason you want the “aggression” passive on cloth, “balanced mind” passive on leather, and “toughness” passive on plate items. Bleed passive on the weapon is a great way to squeeze out more damage on a single target, or “increased defense” when fighting multiple opponents.

Beef Stew

This food increases damage dealt, and is perfect for helping your already high damage step up to the next level.

Resistance potion

This potion will reduce received damage and crowd control for a short period, allowing you to protect against any high instances of damage.


  • Very good mobility
  • Good sustain
  • Good in PvP
  • Very good in PvE
  • Good mobility
  • Cheap


  • High mobility opponents
  • High stealth opponents
  • Deathgivers
  • Battle Bracers
  • Warbow

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