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Frost Staff Build

For those of you aspiring mages that aren't content with single target damage, that want to reign down death upon a field of enemies, the Frostweaver build is for you. Certainly not defenseless but survival in this build comes down to careful timing, and impeccable aim.

Fear not! Your beginning spells are targeted, and will allow you to get used to the weapon line, but as you increase your mastery of the weapon line you will be aiming for Ice shard to maximize your potential damage in both PvP and PvE.

If playing a caster with good mobility, and control over the field along with explosive levels of damage potential sounds like your kind of build, then definitely give this one a try!

Frost Bolt: A single target spell that will deal damage to your opponent and slow them for a short period. Use only until you are able to unlock Ice Shard, which will call down a shard of ice on the targeted location. Frost Q spells have no cooldown, and are only limited to cast time, which is why the build includes multiple cast time reduction items. To begin with you will have to use Frost Bolt to increase your mastery of the weapon line, but as soon as you hit 70 mastery and unlock Ice shard, this build really comes into it’s own.

Frost Nova: This is an incredibly good offensive and defensive ability. Not only is this spell a good range blink to stay mobile and avoid damage, but it also freezes any enemies around you, stunning them and interrupting any spell casting too. The can be great to keep melee foes at a distance if they get too close, or keep up with those you are chasing down for the kill.

Freezing Wind: A spell that will lay an area of ice out on the ground, enemies will be slowed in the area, and if they linger too long are rooted in place. Again, another great spell for keeping opponents at bay, or preventing escape. Rooting enemies with this spell also makes it very easy to land your Ice Shards right on top of them.

Equipment abilities

Soldier Helmet

The block skill will allow you to channel a full block to damage and crowd control for a short duration. This can be a great way to counter burst damage, or crowd control, whilst still being able to keep mobile. Just remember, this is an active spell that you will have to use.

Scholar Robe

The robe’s main skill will reduce all mana costs by 50% and decrease cast times allowing you to rapidly cast your Q spells. Especially important seen as they have no cooldown, and are only limited to casting speed. Once you unlock Ice Shard this allows you to unload incredible amounts of damage over a short period.

Guardian boots

Mostly you will be running the rejuvenating sprint, to allow you to heal as you chase or kite out opponents, but these boots also offer the option of the Gigantifty spell, doubling your max and current hitpoints allowing you to tank more damage, or dodge roll, offering a short i|frame to dodge burst damage. Both of these alternate spells also offer minor move speed increases.


Standard cape is fine just for the energy regain. If you have the money and want to improve dungeon clear times you can opt to wear a Thetford Cape.

Tome of Spells

The tome of spells increases your maximum mana pool, and decreases cast times. In short this allows you to cast faster, doing more damage, whilst also giving you a larger mana pool to fit in more spells before you are out of mana.


The only real option on frost staffs is the “aggressive caster” passive, so use that as soon as you unlock it, for armor passives, go for the “aggression” passive on the robe for more damage, and the “toughness” passives on the boots and helmet for increased defense.

Pork Omelette

As we mentioned previously, cast time reduction helps massively with a frost staff, but omelettes also offer small cooldown reductions, allowing you to use all your other skills more often, and stay more mobile in a fight.

Healing potion

Given that the frost staff is focused on kiting out opponents, and that you have a great defense skill with the block helmet, and brief i|frame on frost nova, healing potions will help keep you alive by returning damage you can't avoid.


  • Unparalleled AOE damage
  • Very good outplay potential
  • Very good mobility
  • Very good in PvP
  • Very good crowd control
  • Cheap


  • Whispering bow
  • Crowd control
  • Quarterstaff
  • Spear

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