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Dagger Build

Daggers as a whole can be tough to level, and with most of the skills needed for pvp being unlocked at high mastery of the weapon line, the one handed dagger can be great to get started with, boasting very high damage, and very high sustain. Currently the only weapon in Albion Online to hold both of these on the weapon alone.

For this reason it can be very strong in early pvp, with the only downside being that because the damage and healing coming from your enchanted auto attacks, it can be a little predictable to counter in pvp. This build will allow you to solo almost any of the early pvp you want to tackle, all the way to late game pvp once you learn how. This is a build that will stick with you throughout the game.

Deadly swipe: Mobility, AoE (Area of Effect) damage and damage amplification, this spell allows you to clear through dungeons and mobs with ease, boosting your damage and lifesteal whilst also helping you get out of the range of any nasty AoE’s you don’t want to be around

Throwing Blades: A great spell massively boosting your damage and move speed based on the amount of opponents hit. This spell can be great for escaping or chasing in pvp, or just to help clear through mobs.

Bloodthirsty Blade: The main source of your damage on the dagger, and your way to stay healthy in both pve and pvp. This spell will cause your auto attacks to do additional magic damage, and heal you based on the damage dealt, as well as increasing your move speed slightly, all at the cost of draining your health slightly whilst active. Works great with the damage bonus and mobility you get from Deadly swipe and throwing blades to stick to opponents and tear them up.

Equipment abilities

Assassin hood

“Meditate” will allow you to channel to reduce your cooldowns, this is perfect with dagger, massively increasing your DPS, mobility and survivability by reducing cooldowns.

Hunter jacket

This skill increases your auto attack speed, and auto attack damage. Massively scaling up the damage and healing gained from your bloodthirsty blade.

Mercenary shoes

You can use the “refreshing sprint” ability in pvp, or the “invisibility” skill to quickly drop mob aggro and escape nasty situations, or simply to sneak through. Between these shoes and throwing stars your move speed is unparalleled. Be aware, that the invisibility breaks on damage, so be careful not to use them when affected by damage over time.


Standard cape is fine just for the energy regain. If you have the money and want to improve dungeon clear times you can opt to wear a Thetford Cape.


This offhand increases your attack speed, a great pairing with spear where a lot of your damage comes from your auto attacks. Equipping a torch helps increase your DPS (damage per second) not only by helping you attack faster, but also by providing you with a minor cooldown reduction, allowing you to use your spells sooner.

Deep Cuts

“deep cuts” will add bleeds to your auto attacks. With you boosting your auto attack damage and speed, this really adds up to do massive damage with your E spell, whilst also adding great damage whilst your E is on cooldown.

Roast pork

This food will further the sustain from your auto attack and bloodthirsty blade healing, helping you keep healthy as you fight.

Resistance potion

This potion will reduce received damage and crowd control for a short period, allowing you to protect against any high instances of damage.


  • Very good sustain
  • Low cooldowns
  • Very good in PvE
  • Good in PvP
  • Good counter mobility
  • Cheap


  • Vulnerable to purges
  • Poor defensive ability
  • Predictable

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